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Creating the application

First, you need to create a new directory for your application. Call it chat:

$ mkdir chat

Initializing the application

From inside this directory, run the following command to initialize a new wolkenkit application using a ready-made template:

$ wolkenkit init

Running your application

Now run your application by using the following command, and wait for a success message:

$ wolkenkit start

Running the client

To run the client for your application, you first have to set it up. Therefore, run the following commands to switch to the client directory and install the client's dependencies:

$ cd client
$ npm install

Once you have done that run the client using the following command from inside the client directory. This will automatically launch a browser and open the client:

$ npm run serve

Lets's chat!

You are now able to chat. This even works with multiple browsers concurrently:

The chat application

Yay, congratulations!

You have initialized and run your first wolkenkit application!

All in all, this was pretty easy because you were able to use a template. If you want to learn to build a chat by yourself, have a look at creating an application from scratch. For now, we wish you some happy chatting 😊!