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Removing files

To remove a file, call the removeFile function of the depot SDK and pass the file ID as parameter:

await depotClient.removeFile({
  id: '2a7e9f8f-9bfc-4c19-87b9-274c0e193401'

Using the HTTP API

To remove a file using the HTTP API, call the route POST /api/v1/remove-file.

For the file ID, set the x-metadata header to a stringified JSON object with the following structure:

  "id": "2a7e9f8f-9bfc-4c19-87b9-274c0e193401"

To authenticate your request, proceed as described in accessing file storage.

If the file was successfully removed, you will receive the status code 200. In case of errors, you will receive one of the following error codes:

  • 400 (Bad request)
  • 401 (Unauthorized)
  • 404 (Not found)
  • 500 (Internal server error)