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Installing using Vagrant

To run wolkenkit using Vagrant you need to setup a few things.

Setting up Vagrant

To run wolkenkit you need Vagrant 2.2.1 or higher. To setup Vagrant, follow the installation guide provided in the Vagrant documentation.

Using VirtualBox

To use VirtualBox as virtualization engine, you also have to install the vagrant-vbguest plugin. The plugin will ensure that the guest additions in the virtual machine will match the version of VirtualBox that is installed on your machine:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

Setting up wolkenkit

To download and install wolkenkit, create an empty directory, and copy the file Vagrantfile from the GitHub repository thenativeweb/wolkenkit-vagrant to this directory. Then, from within this directory, run the following command:

$ vagrant up

Verifying the installation

Verify that wolkenkit is installed correctly by entering the virtual machine and then running the following command:

$ vagrant ssh
$ wolkenkit --version

Yay, congratulations!

You have successfully installed wolkenkit!

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