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Installing the latest CLI

To be able to use the latest runtime, you must also use the latest development version of the CLI. Otherwise, the runtime and the CLI may not match. To install the latest development version of the CLI, you must clone the thenativeweb/wolkenkit repository. The following command creates a new directory called wolkenkit, and clones the repository into that directory:

$ git clone git@github.com:thenativeweb/wolkenkit.git

Then switch to the newly created directory and install the CLI's dependencies by running the following commands:

$ cd wolkenkit
$ npm install

You can now run the CLI as follows:

$ node ./src/bin/wolkenkit.js

Finally, you also need to update your application.

Updating the CLI

To update an already installed development version of the CLI, go to the previously created wolkenkit directory and execute the following commands:

$ git pull
$ npm install

Updates don't always work

From time to time, issues arise when updating the CLI. If either command fails, delete the wolkenkit directory and reinstall the CLI from scratch as described above.