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Attaching a debugger

If your application behaves in an unexpected way, you may want to analyse it using a debugger. For that, you first need to run your application in debug mode, and then attach a debugger to the appropriate process.

Running an application in debug mode

To run a wolkenkit application in debug mode provide the --debug flag on the wolkenkit start command:

$ wolkenkit start --debug

Stay debugging

If you run wolkenkit restart or wolkenkit reload while your application is running in debug mode, your application stays in debug mode.

Debugging an application

When starting, restarting or reloading an application using debug mode, the CLI provides a debug address for each of the application's processes. To debug an application, open Chrome and point it to the appropriate address.

Highly experimental

Debugging applications is currently marked as experimental. Your application may freeze or behave in an unexpected way if you attach a debugger.

Leaving the debug mode

To leave the debug mode you explicitly have to stop your application, and then start it again without the --debug flag:

$ wolkenkit stop
$ wolkenkit start

Only stop ends debugging

Running wolkenkit restart or wolkenkit reload is not sufficient to leave debug mode. To actually leave debug mode you explicitly have to stop the application by running wolkenkit stop.