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Getting help

If you need any help with wolkenkit, consider the following options. Also, you are welcome to join us on Slack.

Reporting an issue

If you have found an issue please first have a look at the previously reported issues to verify whether the issue has already been reported.

If not, report a new issue and provide any steps required to reproduce the issue, as well as the expected and the actual result. Additionally provide the versions of wolkenkit and Docker, and the type and architecture of the operating system you are using.

Ideally you can also include a short but complete code sample to reproduce the issue. Anyway, depending on the issue, we know that this is not always possible.

Although wolkenkit is developed using multiple repositories, please report any issues to the thenativeweb/wolkenkit repository, as this is the primary contact point.

Asking a question

If you want to ask a question please first have a look at the previously asked questions at Stack Overflow to verify whether your question has already been asked.

If not, ask a new question and tag it with wolkenkit.

Getting support

If you need help by the original authors of wolkenkit, e.g. to address issues specific to your environment or project, you may be interested in a paid support plan. For that, feel free to contact the native web.